Family Promise of Gainesville, FL
2013 Annual Report

Eliminating Homelessness One Family at a Time
The mission of the Family Promise of Gainesville is to mobilize community resources and local congregations to provide through compassionate care shelter, meals, and comprehensive case management to homeless families.



Host Congregations:
Covenant Presbyterian Church
First United Methodist Church
First Presbyterian Church
Gainesville Saints
Grace at Fort Clarke Church
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity United Methodist Church
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
United Church of Gainesville
Westminster Presbyterian Church










Shelter: Local congregations provide space in their buildings for a week. Families live in the building; the congregation provides volunteers
to serve as shelter staff.

Transitional Housing: Families with
employment income live temporarily in an apartment/house at a subsidized rent and develop a plan to move into permanent housing. Case management is provided by the Program Coordinator for both groups of families.




  • Individuals: $13,870

  • Congregations: $21,798

  • Foundations: $19,371

  • Corporate: $ 600

  • Fundraisers: $42,463

  • Gov’t Grants: $43,563

  • Housing Fees: $ 5,505

  • In-Kind Admin: $ 38,800

Total Income: $185,970

Program In-Kind*: $184,650
*donated food, volunteer hours, & shelter

All Revenue: $370,620
49% of IHN’s budget is In-Kind Donations





























  • Administrative: $ 51,000

  • Program: $148,925

  • Fundraising: $ 1,979

Total Expenses: $201,904



  •  18 families, comprised of 19

        adults and 24 children, were

  •  3,693 shelter nights and 7,386

        meals were provided; 2,168
        nights were provided in
        transitional housing.

  •  The average stay was 90 days.

  •  Over 600 volunteers provided

        over 11,655 hours of service.

  •  62% of families were single

        parent households.













  •  68 bus passes provided for

        Guest Transportation.

  •  73% of children served were age

        9 and younger.

  •  Case management services

        were provided to all families.

  •  6 families received donated

        items, of furniture and
        household goods for their new

  •  54% families increased their

        income while in shelter.

  •  12 families left shelter with

       transitional or permanent

  •  8 families gained employment

        while in shelter

Please thank our EVERYDAY sponsors for helping keep the mission of Family Promise of Gainesville going forward to a new day!