Why Donate to Family Promise


Family Promise of Gainesville is highly cost-effective. Local congregations/groups provide accommodations and meals for the guest families, and staffing for the shelter. 

Family Promise provides over 13,000 meals, 5000+ nights of shelter, and 4,000 nights of affordable permanent housing in a given year.

Family Promise of Gainesville is supported by donations from individuals, churches, congregations, businesses, corporations, clubs and organizations, public and private agencies, and by fund-raising events such as our Annual Bed Race.

Are you 70 1/2 or older? It's easy to donate through your required minimum distribution. 

Here is a guide to planned giving to Family Promise. Your gift can leave a lasting legacy for the organization. 


We are thankful for our EVERYDAY sponsors for helping keep the mission of Family Promise of Gainesville going forward to a new day!