The Gainesville Design Homes project will occur in the fall of 2018. More information is coming soon about this exciting festival and celebration of design. 

Call for Volunteers


Alachua Habitat for Humanity and Family Promise, both of Gainesville, Florida, have formed a new partnership to create a Decorator Showcase event. The new entity will be called “GNV Design Homes 2018”. The project will consist of 6 attached homes and will be the centerpiece of the Designer Show House project.  An extensive publicity campaign, cultural events and preview party schedule will be created by these two non-profits to accentuate this celebration of design.


The goal is to create four (4) events (one each weekend for 1 month) and encourage package deals—a ticket to the event combined with a tour of the design homes.  The design homes will also be open to the public Thursday – Sunday each of the four weekends of September/October 2018.  Volunteers from Habitat and Family Promise will be asked to man the homes—simply check for a wrist band for each entrant, and maintain the home for two hour shifts. Hours will be set at a later date. The goal is to find a mix of Family Promise and Habitat Volunteers to fill all positions.


Please contact Family Promise if you would like descriptions of the volunteer opportunities for this project.