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Programs and Services

Our holistic, community-based approach to preventing and ending childhood homelessness.

Diversion. Shelter. Stabilization.

We recognize that childhood and family homelessness is a complex issue that requires comprehensive, innovative solutions. Our holistic approach includes three key areas of focus: diversion, shelter, and stabilization.

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Prevention and Diversion

We are there when a family’s homelessness is imminent, and we work to avoid the trauma of a family losing their housing. We do this through:

Case management and community support

Tenancy training

Landlord mediation

"Because of your help, I can just focus on working and being a mama to a newborn and toddler. Seems like a small thing to most people, but for me it feels like a wonderful gift." 

Housing location

Transportation - gas cards, bus passes and car donations

- Prevention program graduate

Last year, we served 215 people in 56 families.

Family Promise of Gainesville offers a holistic solution to family homelessness and our shelter models ensure the right fit for a family.

Rotational shelter

Our rotational shelter model engages a network of community partners, often faith communities, to shelter families with children in different locations on a rotational basis. This volunteer-run model allows us to shelter families at a third of the traditional shelter cost.

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When moving into their own home after graduating from our shelter program: "I am shaking right now. I have never had someone show me so much kindness." 

- Shelter program graduate

In 2021, we provided 5,660 meals and 4,960 nights of shelter for local families.

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Our goal is not simply getting families into housing - it is keeping them housed. Stabilization programs provide support and reduce the risk of a family’s re-entry into homelessness. Examples include:

Budgeting classes and financial literacy

Education and career pathways like Grow With Google

"We have a home now. This is a positive program for those of us willing to do what is needed to better our situation."

Community resources and connections

Permanent supportive housing for parents with a disability

Rapid re-housing assistance for eligible families in our program 

- Family Promise graduate

95% of the families we serve remain housed one year later.

All programs incorporate comprehensive case management and community engagement, empowering and uplifting families struggling with homelessness. 

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Read our 2021 Impact Report

Download and read about the impact of our programs and services last year.

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Need help?

If you are a family in need of services, please fill out our intake form so that we can contact you.