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Emergency Shelter

The rotational shelter program and warm hospitality is the foundation of our model.

Are you a family with minor children struggling with homelessness?

How does it work? 

We unite and coordinate the collaborative efforts of volunteers from all faiths to shelter and feed families with children who are experiencing homelessness.

90 day program

This is a 90 day program to get families housed and back on their feet. Our case manager meets with the family weekly to discuss housing and employment opportunities, assists with finding social and community services that may be helpful, and works with them on budgeting and good tenancy skills. 

Interfaith cooperation

Families are housed in local churches, synagogues, temples and places of worship at night, staying at a congregation for one week at a time on a rotating schedule. During the day, the Family Promise Day Center serves as a home for our families.

Volunteer run

Families have dinner, spend the night and eat breakfast at the host church or synagogue with volunteers who provide these meals and companionship. This volunteer-run model allows us to shelter families at a third of the cost of traditional shelters.

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Interested in volunteering?

If you can smile at a stranger, cook a

meal for a crowd or make a child laugh...

you can make a difference.

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